Announcement: CodeLink & Kurtosis - Building a Partnership in the Web3 Space

We're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with to advance the development and testing frameworks for web3 projects across the space!

February 21, 2024

We are pleased to share the news of a strategic partnership between CodeLink, a software development agency, and Kurtosis, a key player in Layer-1 systems development and testing. This collaborative effort brings together our individual capabilities, skills, and visions to reinforce our market presence in the web3 tooling market.

CodeLink: Developing Next-Gen Web3 Solutions

CodeLink is a software development agency specializing in emerging technologies, with a focus on Web3, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a portfolio of quality mobile and web applications, CodeLink is positioned as a competent actor in the realm of Web3 development.

Through this partnership, CodeLink seeks to enhance its business development effectiveness and presence in the Web3 space. The collaboration will encompass projects, grants, and other opportunities in Web3 tooling that correspond with our common business objectives, aiming to support mutual growth and success in the Web3 tooling market.

Kurtosis Tech is the provider of an open-source build, packaging, and run system for multi-service environments. It essentially functions as your protocol (or dApp or bridge) in-a-box for all your development and testing needs. Kurtosis facilitates the setup and management of blockchain nodes, middleware, dApps, and introspection tooling using Starlark, a Python-based scripting language. It's a backend-agnostic platform that operates effectively across various systems - be it Linux, Windows, MacOS, Docker, or in the cloud. Its versatility and functionality have proven beneficial across several use cases, including Web3 developer ecosystem tooling and end-to-end testing environments for Web3 L1 Protocol Teams.

With this partnership, Kurtosis aims to use user feedback from CodeLink to refine its products and services. Gaining exposure to new developers and their use cases will assist Kurtosis in evolving its developer experience and identifying future opportunities. This partnership also provides an opportunity for Kurtosis to enhance its brand awareness and reputation by associating with CodeLink.

Advancing Together in the Web3 Sphere

This alliance between CodeLink and Kurtosis Tech signifies a commitment to collaborate towards unlocking new opportunities, enhancing products and services, and elevating the user experience in the Web3 space. This partnership mirrors our shared intent of progressing in technology and driving innovation within the Web3 domain.

As we set out on this collaborative journey, we look forward to integrating our skills and technologies to offer solid software development and testing solutions. Stay tuned for updates and developments from this partnership. We are eager to share the outcomes of our collaborative efforts.

Wrapping Up

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