A composable build system for reproducible environments

Define dynamic service dependencies, programmatically inject data, and reuse environment definitions for multi-container applications.

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“Make building a distributed system as easy as building a single-server app”

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The Ethereum Merge adds a large amount of complexity with roughly 20 possible client combinations. Kurtosis offers us the ability to spin up local testnets, allowing us to quickly cross-check compatibility as well as new features.

We additionally use Kurtosis as an integration testing tool by running it in the CI to check if any client combination fails to work with another. The ability to define and assert tests makes it an ideal candidate for ensuring regressions do not occur.

Parithosh Jayanthi
Ethereum Foundation

Kurtosis allowed me to automate my manual E2E testing of Avalanche. At the time, spinning up a network and manually testing both basic and complex workflows was difficult and cost a large amount of time to ensure that I had confidence that all of my changes were correct and wouldn't cause any unexpected issues.

By moving this into Kurtosis test suites, I was able to automate all of those tasks so that I could save myself countless engineering hours and ultimately have a much higher level of confidence that my changes were being thoroughly tested and held to the same high standard.

Aaron Buchwald
Software Engineer
Ava Labs

Kurtosis is a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the way I do local development. Having all the tools I could possibly need tightly packed into an easy to use docker container has been so helpful. I'm super happy with the way things have gone and am looking forward to see how the tool evolves.

Ben Kurrek
Software Engineer
NEAR Foundation

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Testing and debugging the Ethereum Merge with Kurtosis

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